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PRIVACY POLICY OF THE WEBSITE WIKI.BEEMED.COM is an initiative of Beemed Ltd, based in Geneva (Switzerland), which aims is to be a web-based, free-content medical encyclopedia managed by on a model of collaborative editing of the content. Wiki.beemed has a similar design and functionality like Wikipedia, but has no past or existing affiliation with Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation. Contributions can only be made by registered user of Unregistered users can access all text content. Graphic material in the medical domain can be disturbing to sensitive audiences, therefore images and videos can only be viewed by user who are registered and logged on.

With a view to carrying out the above-mentioned accompaniment activity, Beemed Ltd has created its own website (, subsequently the "Wiki.beemed") and, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Data Protection (LPD) of 19 June 1992, and European Union Regulation n. 679/2016 (GDPR), Wiki.beemed wishes to inform the users of the Wiki.beemed Site of any processing of personal data carried out during the navigation of the said users on the Wiki.beemed Site.


Please note that this information note refers only to personal data that may be acquired and processed by the mere fact of browsing and consulting the Wiki.beemed ( without being logged-in as a registered user). Site and without having access to the functionalities reserved for contributors who wish to contribute to the content of Wiki.beemed Site. For the processing of personal data transferred by contributor, please consult the specific information: [link to general terms and conditions].

This information note is provided solely for the Wiki.beemed Site (including potential sub-domains) and not for other Beemed websites or any other third-party websites that can be reached through a link on the Wiki.beemed Site.

The processing of the personal data of the user of the Wiki.beemed Site will, in any event, be based on the principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of the confidentiality and rights of the person concerned, in accordance with the provisions of the LPD, and the GDPR as well as any national legislation that might be applicable and the provisions of the Swiss and EU Member States' authorities for the protection of personal data.


As a result of consulting the Wiki.beemed Site, data relating to identified or identifiable natural persons may be acquired and processed.
The data controller is: Beemed Ltd, c/o Gonet Conseils Finances, 5 rue du Général Dufour, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as "Beemed" or "Data Controller").
The Data Controller may be contacted regarding any question relating to the processing of personal data linked to the use of the Wiki.beemed Site at the following e-mail address: or by registered letter addressed to :

Beemed Ltd
c/o Gonet Conseils Finances
5 rue du Général Dufour
1204 Geneva


The processing of any personal data collected when using the Wiki.beemed Site is carried out mainly in Switzerland with the exception for our use of Google Analytics.
The Data Controller does not transfer any data to third countries. The data is, or could be, disclosed to the following recipients (possibly designated as a subcontractor):

  • OriginMed, legaly known as OriginFood Sarl, rue de liseron 7, 1006 Lausanne
  • Visiperf, 72 Rue d'Hauteville, 75010 Paris
  • Google Analytics


Data collected automatically by the Wiki.beemed Site

The computer systems and computer procedures used to operate the Wiki.beemed Site collect, in the course of their normal operation, certain personal data; the transmission of this data is an inherent feature of Internet communication protocols.

This information is not collected in order to be associated with identified data subjects, but could, by its very nature, through its processing and association with data held by third parties, make it possible to identify users.

This category of data includes the IP addresses of the computers used by users connecting to the Wiki.beemed Site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code relating to the response status of the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relating to the user's operating system and computer environment.

These data can only be used to obtain anonymous statistical information on the use of the Wiki.beemed Site and to check its correct operation; they are deleted immediately after processing. The data could be used to determine liability in the event of hypothetical computer crimes against the Wiki.beemed Site or the Data Controller: with the exception of this possibility, user data is stored according to applicable laws.

Data provided voluntarily by the user.

The completion of the registration procedure and the optional, explicit and voluntary sending of e-mails to the addresses indicated on the Wiki.beemed Site imply the acquisition and processing of the personal data of the interested party necessary to enable the interested party to access the services provided by Wiki.beemed Site or to respond to any request from the interested party transmitted via e-mail.

A specific information note applies to these personal data voluntarily communicated: for data communicated by contributors: General terms and conditions


A cookie is a string of information, usually small and identified by name, that may be transmitted to your browser by a website to which you connect. Your web browser will store it for a certain period of time, and will send it back to the web server each time you reconnect to it.

The Wiki.beemed Site does not use cookies for the transmission of personal information, persistent cookies of any kind (except those specified below) or user tracking systems.

The use of session cookies (which are not permanently stored on the user's computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (composed of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to enable safe and efficient browsing.

  • Cookies essential for the proper functioning of the Wiki.beemed Site: these cookies, which are used on the Wiki.beemed Site, avoid the use of other more invasive computer techniques that may compromise the confidentiality of the user's navigation and do not allow the acquisition of the user's personal identification data.

If the user decides to remain connected to the Wiki.beemed Site, a cookie enabling access to be kept open may be stored on his/her computer.
The cookies used are :

  • Google Analytics cookies (_ga, _gid, _gat_gtag_UA_158037662_1).
  • For registered users wiki cookies (wiki_session, wikiUserID,wikiUsername).
  • Analytical cookies allow the collection and processing of navigation data for statistical purposes and for analysing the use of a website. The Wiki.beemed Site use analytical cookies.
  • Geolocation cookies. The Wiki.beemed Site does not use geolocation cookies.
  • Cookies from third party subjects. This site does not use cookies from third party subjects with the exception of Google Analytics. However, it is possible that your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.) uses cookies that it installs on your computer when you browse the Wiki.beemed Site (as well as any other website). Check on your browser the cookies used as well as the procedures to be followed to disable these cookies.


Personal data are collected and processed by the Data Controller for the following purposes:

  • to enable users to navigate easily and safely on the Wiki.beemed Site;
  • to allow the anonymous elaboration of statistical analyses on the use of the Wiki.beemed Site;
  • to comply with any laws, regulations or legislation that may be applicable to the Wiki.beemed Site;
  • Possibly, to protect the legitimate rights of the Data Controller in the event of computer crimes against the Wiki.beemed Site or the Data Controller.


The processing of personal data carried out by the Data Controller in order to pursue the purposes of art. 4 of the present information note is based on the following legal bases:

  • the processing is necessary for the performance of a service requested by the data subject (i.e. the safe and correct use of the Wiki.beemed Site); or
  • processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the Controller is subject; or
  • the processing is necessary to pursue a legitimate interest of the Data Controller (e.g. in case of computer crimes against the Wiki.beemed Site or the Data Controller); or
  • the data subject has given his/her explicit and informed consent to the processing of his/her personal data. At any time, the data subject may revoke his/her consent and object to the processing of his/her own data for this purpose.


Personal data are processed by automated and non-automated tools for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.

Specific security measures are observed to prevent the loss of data, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

It is important to remember that anything the data subject transmits or provides online may be collected and used by third parties or unlawfully intercepted by third parties. No data transmission over the Internet can be considered 100% secure. The Data Controller undertakes to use reasonable means to protect the personal data of data subjects, but cannot guarantee the total security of the information it exchanges.


The user's personal data will be kept for a period of time strictly necessary for the pursuit of the specific purposes of the processing referred to in paragraph 4 and, in particular, the personal data collected during navigation on the Wiki.beemed Site through cookies will be kept for a period of 6 months.


At any time, the subjects whose personal data have been communicated to Wiki.beemed Site have the right to:

  • request access to their personal data from the Data Controller (i.e. to know whether the Data Controller processes such data), to obtain their rectification or cancellation, to limit the purposes for which such data are processed or to oppose their processing, as well as the right to obtain their portability.
  • Where the processing is based on consent given by the data subject, the data subject may withdraw his consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the prior consent given.

These rights may be exercised upon request by the data subject at the following e-mail address: In addition, the data subject may also lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, in particular:

In Switzerland, to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) using the contact details at

To contact the authorities of the EU Member States, please consult the list and contact details on:


For the processing of the data necessary to enable navigation on the Wiki.beemed Site as well as to fulfil the legal obligations incumbent on the Data Controller, the provision of data is MANDATORY and the possible refusal to provide such data may result in the failure or partial provision of the services by the Data Controller, such data being essential for the proper and complete execution of the service itself and/or for the fulfilment of the legal obligations incumbent on him/her.

For processing carried out on the basis of consent, this CONSENT is OPTIONAL and may be revoked at any time by sending a request to the Data Controller at the e-mail address

Please note that the revocation of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing operation based on the consent given prior to the revocation.


The full text of the laws mentioned in this information note can be consulted on the following websites: